RotoWorld - R.A. Dickey plans to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in January despite the Mets’ disapproval of the idea. The Mets sent a letter to Dickey’s agent last month, warning that the knuckleballer’s contract could be voided if he is injured during the climb. “If we thought it was a good idea, we wouldn’t have sent the letter,” Mets GM Sandy Alderson said. “It seems to me that the letter is enough of an effort to dissuade him, and he intends to go on nonetheless.” Dickey is currently training in the Nashville area. He’s making the climb to raise awareness and money for a charity, and to get in peak shape for the upcoming baseball season.

I think I’ve hit rock bottom as a Mets fan like 9 times in the past 6 months. Whenever I think it can’t get any worse I just plow through rock bottom and hit a new low. I just plow through the crust and the mantle and now at this point I see my players are fucking climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and running around town in a goddam gas mask and I think I’ve hit the core of the earth.

Do you know how bad this has gotten? I long for the days of September 2007. I would kill to be completing the worst collapse in the history of baseball. At the time in 2007 I thought that life couldn’t get any worse. I was a dead man walking. Every day and every night just plagued by the constant losing. Now that sounds like a fucking blast. That sounds fun as shit. I’d love that. Sign me up.

Because listening to the Wilpons and hearing about their financial crisis and watching my favorite players walk and watching my KNUCKLEBALL PITCHING “ACE” CLIMB FUCKING MOUNTAINS is a disaster. I mean I know this dude is a knuckler and there’s not too much work to be done but don’t you think RA Dickey could spend a little more time on the mound this offseason rather than fucking base camp of an African mountain?

RA Dickey Get The Fuck Off My Team. Just because.

PS – I would absolutely bench/trade/cut a player who does this against my franchise’s wishes. Whether or not he gets injured