I was as anti-Soriano signing as anybody when we acquired that Blood Diamond, mass genocide looking motherfucker. Felt like I was standing there, interlocking arms with Cashman as he openly stated his disapproval for the decision. But the numbers don’t lie. 42 saves in 46 chances is pretty convincing. If on the day Mo’s ACL exploded you had told me that we would be going into battle without our general come October, I probably woulda lost all faith in a serious run. And truth be told, when the news came out that he was out for the year, I did a little bit. You don’t go to a party without a condom and you don’t go into the postseason without your rock if you’re trying to lock it down at the end of the night. But as much as having Mo jog out of the pen to the sounds of Metallica would be nice for the next month, Soriano isn’t a terrible second option. The guy seems to have the Mariano mental makeup that it takes to close in New York, as opposed to David Robertson who was a couple blown saves away from throwing up on the mound and going catatonic. The bullpen is one man shorter, but I’m feeling good with the idea of watching Soriano untuck us all the way through October.

Plus, one thing Soriano does have that Mariano never did is this sweet fucking theme song that I’ve been waiting to unveil for weeks, but the Yankees have either been blowing teams out or losing. Got this from a friend of mine working with the Stadium scoreboard team. It’s the song Soriano enters to for every outing, and it was made by a couple of his friends back home in Dominican Republic. I will be bumpin this shit every save chance he gets. Piche Soriano!

Enjoy the tease Nicki Minaj entrance at the 1:09 mark

Big thanks to @NickTyrell for the song and @_LOSO_  for putting the video together.