HuffPo- Soriano opted out of the final year of his $35 million, three-year contract Wednesday and will likely seek a long-term deal in free agency. The right-hander had 42 saves for the Yankees last season after longtime closer Mariano Rivera tore knee ligaments in early May. Soriano was set to make $14 million next season and had until Wednesday to opt out. Instead, New York will pay him a $1.5 million buyout. The Yankees can make him a qualifying offer of $13.3 million before Friday’s 11:59 p.m. EDT deadline and if Soriano signs with another team, they will get draft compensation.”I’m not surprised because (agent) Scott Boras told me he was confident he could get him 15 times four (years), $60 million. If that’s the case, it would be a good deal for Soriano,” Yankees president Randy Levine told The Associated Press. “I hope that’s what’s real in the marketplace.” Soriano, who will be 33 in December, signed his hefty contract with New York before the 2011 season after notching a career-high 45 saves with Tampa Bay. He began his stint with the Yankees as a setup man, then took over as closer when Rivera was injured. 

While Sandy was busy fucking up all the Internets here at Barstool yesterday with a delayed sneak attack, Rafael Soriano was pulling a shiesty move of his own. Can’t blame the guy though; I’d take any ticket off this team too after that miscarriage of an ALCS. I’m sure if the money’s right on a long term deal he’ll be back in pinstripes next year, but if not, I don’t think he’d be too devastated leaving town with how messy things look to potentially get with some of the team’s bigger names.

But if it is strictly for the money, Soriano’s in the driver’s seat. As if he didn’t have strong enough a vice grip on Cashman’s balls already after his monster 2012 season, Mo’s announcement of uncertainty just came along and sat behind him, grabbed his hands and tightened the stranglehold like Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore making pottery in Ghost. If Mo ends up announcing his retirement, Soriano can pretty much conduct negotiations from Steinbrenner’s house on webcam while he has their wives bent over doing butt stuff with each other. All the leverage in the world. So if these are the last couple days we see that blood diamond war lord as a Yankee, cue the motherfuckin music one more time!