John Giannone with the heart of a fucking champion. All you hockey hipsters will probably get a hard on over this and take it as yet further proof that the NHL is the best league. “Would a sideline reporter in the African Round Ball League keep reporting? No. Fuckin pussies!” “LOL baseball is not even a real sport. Only league where a 5’9, 260 pound “athlete” can be a star and reporters can’t even take a baseball off the face and keep reporting.” Same comments every time from you clowns.

On a sidenote when do the Rangers start playing well? It was much more fun when the lockout ended and everyone was ready to hand the Rangers the Cup for this “48 game sprint.” This 5-5-0 shit is much more boring.

PS – The worst part of this whole ordeal for John Giannone was the nasal spray at the end. Nasal spray is the fucking worst. Just straight up blasting menthol-y mist up your nose directly into your brain. I’d rather take a puck off the face than nasal spray up my schnoz.