Man, do I love the Flyers.  No other team seems to inspire the Rangers like Philly does.  It’s always a game they get up for, and so last night’s scheduled tilt was well timed for the struggling Blueshirts.  Oh if only the East’s worst offense could play against Bryzgalov every night, what a different team they’d be.  But even though Bryz’s game is shakier than Michael J. Fox in a Sharper Image chair, New York’s five goal outburst was mostly due to reuniting the Nash-Stepan-Hagelin line.  Why they were ever broken up in the first place is beyond me, but one game back together yielded seven points from the trio so maybe they should keep that unit together no matter how shitty Marian Gaborik looks.  Good to see Kreider get a goal on one hell of a passing play by he, Richards and Del Zotto.  Kid’s looked a lot better since escaping the craphole that is Hartford for hopefully the last time.  Sprinkle in a power play goal from Brad Richards of all people and you have a score sheet that would make any Rangers fan weak in the knees.  Huge two points as we leg out these finals laps looking over our shoulders at the oncoming Tavares Train.

But again, they have to duplicate the result when they travel to Ottawa on Thursday.  It’s been an underwhelming run so far, but this was always going to be a season that one hot streak could completely change.  Turn it on at the right time and you never know what can happen.  Mediocrity through thirty one doesn’t mean the Rangers can’t string together a hot final month and ride that confidence wave into the playoffs.  But have they given us any reason to believe that’s possible?  Any semblance of consistency that might inspire hope in the more naive fans?  Nope.  They’re shit on the road and their offense is anemic.  The power play sucks and our defense is bulimia thin.  Penguin food in the first round, IF they’re lucky.  And to think that we could miss out on the post-season because of the freaking Islanders of all teams.  Thank god Clancy’s jumping on that bandwagon.  Master Mush will be the only guy to blame when Tavares breaks his arm on April 13th.  @PhilOsgood

KFC Editor’s Note: The KFC Mush works in reverse in hockey. Everyone knows that. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Isles make the playoffs and Tavares take home the Hart Trophy or whatever the fuck the MVP is called in the NHL.