ESPN - I recently had an interesting conversation with a big sports fan. I was sitting at The Broken Egg in Lakewood Ranch and he asked me a simple question. “Who are the best coaches in pro sports today, Dickie V?” I smiled and immediately rattled off a few names. Then I thought for another moment or two and decided on a couple of others. The bottom line is, I opted for six coaches in the different sports. Here is my list and why:

Bill Belichick

Tom Coughlin

Gregg Popovich

Joe Maddon

Mike Scioscia

John Tortorella

Why do I like these six? Let’s start with communication, motivation, getting the most from their talent, evaluating strengths and weaknesses of their athletes and the ability to mold them into a cohesive unit. That is what coaching is all about. It is not always easy to reach the modern-day athlete, but all six of these gentlemen understand what it takes to win and do it on a consistent basis.

The second best? Second best?  I guess Dickie V is doing his best Pat Summit impersonation by listing Beli-who as the best coach in sports.  It’s the only way to explain this short term memory loss. It’s probably because of so many years yelling like an asshole led to long term brain injuries.  We all know every New England fan will drop to their knees and open wide for the almighty Belichick.  He’s the dark lord, the evil genius, the winner of 3 Superbowls blah blah blah.  Well guess what New England Fans! Tommy C owns Belichick.  He has now beat Belichick twice in the Superbowl. He has brought the Giants 2 SBs since 2008 each victory over Belichick.  So Dickie V, thanks for your well constructed list and thoughtful annoying analysis but in order to be the best, you have to beat the best.  The Patriots haven’t beaten the Giants since 2007. I can’t even remember what happened yesterday let alone the last time the Patriots lifted the Lombardi trophy.  I do remember Eli asking Tom Brady how his ass tastes after beating him for the 2nd time in the biggest game in sports. Guess it’s time to retire Dickie V because it’s impossible to make a list without Tommy C in the top spot.

P.S. – In order for there to be a Giants-Patriots “rivalry”, that would require the Patriots winning.  It’s not a “rivalry” if it’s an annual ass kicking.

Double P.S. – Torts was listed #6….  Foreshadowing much?

KFC Editors note: Give it a vote based on whether you thought it was good blogging, whether or not you agree with it. Like I know all you Boston Stoolies always disagree with my pro-Jets, Anti-Pats blogging but its still good enough for you to read it and stir you up. Vote based on that.

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Also, prospective Giants bloggers – the response has been downright pitiful and embarrassing for Big Blue bloggers. Like 1/4th what I got for the Yankees job. Probably got like 30 applicants total. So if you think you’re better than this guy, set up a blog and start writing and email with a link.