YahooApparently using inside information, Washington Nationals manager Davey Johnson asked umpires to inspect Tampa Bay Rays relief pitcher Joel Peralta for a foreign substance Tuesday night. Sure enough, the baseball cops caught him with contraband on his glove: “A significant amount of pine tar,” umpire Tim Tschida said. OK for hitters, but against the rules for pitchers. Umpires ejected Peralta before he even threw a pitch in Tampa Bay’s 5-4 victory. Peralta, who used to pitch for D.C., tipped his cap to the Nats’ dugout and walked off, later saying it was his “batting practice” glove (whatever that is supposed to imply). Rays manager Joe Maddon was incensed — but not at his pitcher for trying to cheat. He called Johnson’s actions “cowardly, bush [league], bogus, insider trading [and] way too easy.

I know 2 wrongs don’t make a right. I know baseball is the sport of unwritten rules. And I know snitching on someone is always bush league, especially if you used to be teammates with the dude. But its pretty absurd for Joe Maddon and Rays to point the finger and complain about sportsmanship when they’re the ones who got caught cheating, no? Part of me knows calling out Joel Peralta in a random game in June for one inning of relief is pretty dramatic. But all’s fair in love and war and baseball right? You wanna try to cheat with some pine tar, go for it. Don’t be surprised when someone calls you out on it either though. The way I see it, its just as much of a pussy move to try and cheat as it is to tattle on someone. Everyone is looking for that extra edge to win. Peralta on the mound, Davey on the bench. Everyone. Seems like it should all be a wash to me.