From: Bob
Date: Mon, Dec 12, 2011
Subject: maybe they should rename it “Bavaro’ing”
To: “”

Can you set the record straight please.  Mark Bavaro was “Tebowing” long before it became fashionable.

No I will not set the record straight because the record already is straight. Look obviously Tebow isn’t the first guy to get religious on the football field. Reggie White was an actual minister. Ray Lewis preaches the gospel every game even though he killed a guy. Praising God and Jesus in post game speeches is nothing new. So Tebow definitely isn’t the first athlete to get down on 1 knee and pray to God during a game.

But Tim Tebow is the first athlete to be re-incarnated as Jesus and sent to Earth as a gift from God to symbolize peace and happiness and chastity and insane comeback victories. Maybe if Mark Bavaro had proven every football “expert” on the planet wrong and given America rock hard Teboners every Sunday, we would be Bavaro-ing today. But that clearly wasn’t God’s plan. He might be a Big Blue legend, but when Mark Bavaro got down on 1 knee and prayed, he WAS Tebowing. He just didn’t know it yet.