There was a Reader Email posted yesterday titled “Is This Guy Serious About This Co-Ed Flag Football Game?”  While it might come off as funny, the person that decided to send you that, posted playbooks from my team as well as the scheme.  I don’t mind being poked fun of, but this is a pretty popular league in nyc and I’d appreciate it if you could take this post down from your website.  We’ve been a team for a  long time and will continue to be so and don’t want to have to change up our plays.

And if possible, can you send me the name or email address of MikeH3183?


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we don’t take down emails

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great. you’ll be hearing from my lawyer soon then.


Unbelievable.  Is this guy out of his fucking mind?  He doesn’t want anyone stealing his innovative pink and blue squares zone defense?   I mean maybe I could understand if these were like trick plays but I’m pretty sure everybody has seen the button hook  or the post pattern before.   Seriously get a grip.   The good news is that it didn’t take long for Barstool New York to set the bar with the most ridicolous lawsuit threat in the history of Barstool Sports.   Honestly dude suing over stolen flag football plays? Barstool New York has arrived…