I was at Yankee stadium today fresh off my buddy losing his wedding ring after being married for less than 2 weeks.  We go to take a piss and stumble across this.  Turns out the girl was gross, but behind stall doors, it’s all up to the imagination.  Would have filmed more but Yankee stadium patrol made me stop filming.  Best part was a black guy hanging over the stall screaming “make her scream like a whore”.  CC wasn’t even phased.  Love this guys style.  Thoughts?

Look at that Workhorse Sabathia! Just laboring through the whole scene. Like he didn’t give a lights out performance. Didn’t give her multiple orgasms. Wasn’t the best sex of her life. But he got the job done. Awkward positions. Piss all over the floor. Certainly nothing fancy. Nothing dazzling. Didn’t make her scream like a whore, but he did what he needed to do. Thats a true Sabathia performance.

And yes, undoubtedly the best part of this scene is the black guy leaning over the top. I’m not sure which would disturb me more. Fucking a chick on top of a toilet with my feet covered in piss – or a big black dude looming over me screaming words of encouragement like Ray Lewis. I think the black dude would fuck with my confidence more than the human excrement surrounding me.