I’m starting to believe Devils fans are purposely trying to prove their stereotypes. Right? I mean, Born To Rage? This can’t be serious.

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Few things:

1. It’s called Barstool NEW YORK for a reason

2. The only things Jersey is good for is cheap gas and hosting the Jets/Giants

3. The entire state smells like swampass – sick wetlands bro.

4. Gumdrop is a fat fuck

5. Gumdrop will remain a fat fuck.

6. Now I will go get beyond blacked out for the rest of the weekend to forget everything and actually root for a team that doesn’t see ice in their city…ever.

7. Once again…Gumdrop remains large.

We grew a lot this year, ready for next year and 5-10 afterwords…

- A disgruntled New York Ranger fan

Rangers fans keep emailing me complaining that I’m letting Gumdrop represent the Devils on Barstool New York. Theres like 200 hockey fans in the NYC Metro and probably 80 of them are Devils fans. Can’t ignore them all together. Plus like I said from the beginning the only reason I did it at all was because Osgood’s boy is enormous and named Gumdrop. Too funny to pass up.

But anyway the rest of this list I think pretty much captures the heartache and emotions that Rangers fans are going through right now. Losing to Jorts-wearing, Brodeur-loving, can’t-pump-their-own-gas, fat-ass, Jersey-trash like Gumdrop is just about worst case scenario for them, right? The future is bright for the Blueshirts, but right now their present is clouded with dark, stinky, Jersey smog.