So, a couple nights, I was watching the Clippers get annihilated into the 4th quarter by the Grizzlies. I checked the Live Wagering option on my bookies website, and saw an insane money line. The Grizzles were up 27 at this point with about 8 minutes to play. You could bet that the Clippers would win the game, 100 dollars down to win $55,555. As a joke, my boy put down 25 dollars to win close to thirteen grand. After a 3 pointer immediately after that by the Clippers, he put another 50 on it, for another 27k. Well, before my very eyes, the Clippers fucking won. Off 75 dollars my friend made $40,000 in cash.

Un-fucking-believable. He’s graduating next week so this is probably one of the greatest things that could have ever happened to him.


You know when you hear stories about people who’s lives spiral out of control after winning the lottery? I think we’re about to head down that road with this kid. Do you know what would have happened to me if I won 40 thousand bucks a week before graduation? I probably wouldn’t even survive to walk across that stage and grab my diploma. The last week before you graduate is already one of the most dangerous weeks for the human species. Its basically your 25th Hour before you head to the prison that is real life. You drink as much as you can, fuck as much as you can, steal as much as you can. Basically “insert here” as much as you can. And if overnight you all the sudden had $40K to do all that shit and more, its basically a death sentence.

PS – How bout JR Smith with the completely meaningless 30 for the cover last nite? Such a JR Smith move.