As one of Mr. Burnett’s students, I was really sad to see this post about Colby Burnett and his cocky attitude. He is actually one of the most humble men in the world. As it appears, mr. Burnett was happy when he got an answer correct because he was winning the money for his mother in order to buy her a home and get her out of the west side of Chicago, a gang ridden poverty and violence stricken neighborhood. While yes, Mr. Burnett is quirky, that is exactly why we love him at Fenwick and why 700 students and 50 faculty memberships gathered together to watch him yesterday. Thank you for taking the time to read this. 

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Q Broda

So last night Colby Burnett stepped up to the Jeopardy podium during teacher’s edition and absolutely blew it out of the water. Legendary performance from this guy. The most quiz show swagger you’ve ever seen. Naturally I filmed his best moments and blogged about how he stole the show right in front of Trebek’s smug face.  And today I get this email from one of his students. To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure why Q Broda wrote me this email. What were you disappointed about Broda?? Colby Burnett is my man. I was praising the shit out of him. I guess you took cocky as a negative, but anyone who strolls on to the set of Jeopardy and puts on a show like that is practically my hero. I love him too. It was like Fat Albert meets The Rock meets Ken Jennings. Just eyebrows and swagger and intelligence for days. Can’t wait to watch him run it back tonight.

So, Q Broda, take it easy my dude. We’re all on Team Colby here. Hope he wins the whole thing and moves his mama out of the hood.