i saw this gem of a new yorker on the F this morning. although i’ll leave the blogging to the professionals, i think what makes this guy so great is his little cell phone holder thingy on the waist. a lot like the tuxedo t-shirt – he wants to be formal, but he’s there to party.

- Evan

I’m so fucking furious that Evan mentioned the cell phone clip. You know how fucking funny that woulda been if he just sent this thing in with the usual “does this guy get laid?” routine and I came in outta nowhere with a blog about cell phone clips and segue into old school cell phones and beepers and shit? Could have easily been a top 5 KFC blog of all time. But Evan here has the wherewithal to recognize the little nuances about subway degenerate humor, and he goes ahead and steals my thunder. Hey dickface, next time you send an email and say “I’ll leave the blogging to the professionals” why don’t you do just that? Instead of saying that and then ruining it for me by making the joke. Because there’s nothing else I can write about this. I’m so zoned in on the cell phone clip that anything else I blog will be subpar and I just dont do subpar work. Its not in my blood.