Brother’s friend is a teacher, confiscated this letter from a 6th grader. oh yeah!

Fire big cat.


You never know with these things. It’s always a friend of a brother of a cousin who’s a teacher or some shit. Theres nothing to stop someone from just writing these letters and drawing these pictures and pretending to be a little kid. But A) I don’t want to live in a world where adults do this shit and pretend its real. That’s something that lunatic Big Cat would do. And B) I want to believe this is true. I want to believe there’s a 6th grader out there saying “I want to finger you soo much.” It’s like believing in Santa Claus. The world is a funner place if this is real. Chances are its fake. But I wanna believe.

PS – love how this dude was planning on fucking on Sunday. I don’t think I had sex on Sunday until I was like 25. Sunday sex in 6th grade would be absolutely the most impressive thing ever. I think my parents still made me go to church on Sundays. Only thing more impressive than that would be of his stick figure cock is drawn to scale.

PPS – if you don’t think I’m dropping “I want to finger you soo much” during foreplay next time I’m fucking you are outside of your kind. That, followed by a Kool Aid “OH YEAH!” when I finish.