Is tonight the biggest night of the season for the Mets?  I mean these playoffs have been pretty good to us Mets fans, apart from Doc’s nono.  I couldn’t imagine a better way to enjoy life than to see the yankees and phils eliminated.  We all know that if these series go to a game 7 then were looking at a repeat world series which is probably the most painful thing to go through as a Mets fan.  As much as I want to puke every time I see Franceur in the postseason, the Rangers have to win.   So I will ask the question again, is tonight the biggest night of the season for the Mets?

Broken Mets Fan,


Broken Mets Fan – your logic is sound in describing this as potentially the biggest night of the season for Mets fans. We’ve got nothing left except rooting to the Yankees and Phillies to lose. Unfortunately, we live in a world of reality. A harsh reality where nothing goes right for Mets fans. I’m not even joking one bit when I say I think both the Yankees and Phillies will win their respective series and we’re gonna have a 2009 World Series repeat. Does that make any sense? Of course it doesn’t – The Yankees still have to face Lee one more time, the Phillies can’t toss Doc Halladay out there again, and both teams are down 3-2. But there is literally no doubt in my mind that both teams will prevail because good things happen to all the people I hate and bad things always happen to me. Its just the way of the world for myself and fellow Mets fans.

So Dan, tonight should be the biggest night. Could be the biggest nite. But won’t be the biggest night. It will just be another night of timely hitting and clutch pitching resulting in more heartache for Mets fans on the way to the ultimate heartache, another Yanks-Phils World Series.


The Brokenest Mets Fan


PS – In a weird way I wish I was this Infamous Mets Collapse Guy. I deserve to be him. I need to be him. If I’m gonna deal with all this heartbreak I wish I had something to show for it.