Listen man, I don’t make predictions often and I’m not normally a betting man, but I guarantee Greg McElroy will win a Super Bowl in NY. Take that shit to the bank. The man knows how to manage games and not make mistakes behind a good defense. I know it sounds crazy because he just flat out doesn’t rate well on an NFL scale, but I don’t know dude, I can feel it in my deep within my loins. Love the blog, thanks for making sitting behind a desk all day easier.


Thank you! I’ve been saying this for literally days. Legit starting like 2 weeks ago I saw it when he threw for 27 yards. McElroy has what it takes to win a Super Bowl with the Jets. Look at Tom Brady. He was a no name back up too. I’m not saying Greg McElroy is gonna be the next Tom Brady, but Greg McElroy is gonna be the next Tom Brady. The way the NFL is constructed right now, you don’t need a big time QB. Look around the league at all the successful teams. They all have defensive oriented squads with middle of the road QBs who just manage the offense and rely on the run. McElroy is that guy for the Jets! He’s the truth! I know we’re eliminated from the playoffs this year, but I still think he can win the Super Bowl in New Orleans in February. Its McELROYCHISE TIME!