does this make my friends gay? A bunch of my friends got a house in belmar this summer these two clowns came down with nothing, no sheets no fan just the clothes on there back. Just straight wingen it. This is what I saw when I got up to take a piss at 5am.

- Chaz

Going to Djais in my car! B-E-L! M-A-R! Summer 2012 is here motherfuckers! And there’s no better way to Christen your new share house than to share a stripped down, bare mattress butt naked with your buddy. You know these two guys went out for the weekend thinking they were gonna get laid like 100 times. Probably got all bro’d out, hit up Bar A and Djais. Spent the whole day yelling Viva La Stool looking for smokeshows. “Summer 2012 we’re gonna get so much pussy!”

Then 5am rolls around and you’re getting spooned by some dude who’s ass crack is so hairy it looks like he’s wearing a black thong.

Keep your chin up fellas – summer can only go up from here. You could fuck a fat chick next weekend and it would be 500% better than your MDW.