Long time reader, first time writer.  Huge fan of the site…now living in Florida it keeps me up to date with what is going on with NY sports and such and by such I mean smokes.

With your love of dogs I figured I had to send this video.  I have an English bulldog named Hudson.  He turned one yesterday.  Monday I came home from work and was playing with him when he got up, dragged a bed next to me, sat down and proceeded to rub one out.  There are periodic moments of pride, followed by shame, followed by him continuing to take care of business.  Pretty funny and thought you would like it.


That second video is downright hilarious. Just grunting and pawing at his bulldog bratwurst for about 20 seconds and then a brief hiatus. Holding his chin up high with that look of “Get your fuckin camera out of my face bro.” Lowering his head in shame like “You’re right, this is unacceptable behavior.” Only to resume strumming that dog dick like its a fucking banjo. Hey Hudson I ain’t mad at you, bro! Not like your master gave you your own bedroom or something where you can J it in private. Whats a dog supposed to do? Not like they can jerk it in the shower. Sometimes you just gotta pull up your doggie bed and punish yourself.