Hey guys,

We go to Northwestern and had a snow day today. Decided to build a snow pong
table and give a little shoutout to barstool.

Love the site,
Dan, Sam, and Willy

See this is what the fuck I’m talking about.   You got all these Stoolies in Boston and NY bitching about the snow.  Wahh I keep stepping in slush puddles.  Wahh there’s icicles falling on my skull off 55 story buildings.  Wahh someone keeps stealing the parking spot I shoveled out. Well what do the Northwestern stoolies do?  Just build a fucking pong table out of snow in the middle of an avalanche and get straight bro on everybody.  Like I always say when life gives you subfreezing temperatures and record amounts of snowfall build a beer pong table and take cases of beer straight to the fucking face.   We can all learn a lesson from these Northwestern visionaries.