Listen I love taking shots at Rick Barnes any time I get the chance.   He jumped ship at Providence after winning the Big East Tournament in ’94 and I’ve lost respect for him ever since.  Nobody voluntarily leaves a big time basketball school like Providence.  You get fired or you stay there until retirement.   I mean he can’t win a big game to save his life, that’s a fact.   All the talent and all the recruitment opportunities in Texas and he’s never won a thing.   Never knew he was a lizard but there has to be something about him that his players don’t like.   I mean have you ever heard a Texas player say “Let’s win this one for coach.”   Never heard anyone say that.   Listen I’ve been trying to tell anyone who would listen (not many people) how Texas was going to lose to Arizona.  Sure they got robbed on the bad 5-second call, but hopefully people paid attention.  

-thanks to jim for the clip