Why don’t you suck Rutgers dick a little harder? You guys act like there the only school in the world that likes to drink and party. I go to school at Rider which is like ten minutes from Trenton FOAM and we haven’t heard shit from you. Show us some love and get off Rutgers dick.

Go fuck yourself,


Rider comin in hot! Sick of hearing about the Rutgers Blackout and seeing the Rutgers smokes. Sick of people acting like Rutgers invented partying. Well hey Billy guess what? Tell Rider to step the fuck up then. I’ve seen Rutgers in action. I’ve seen what they bring to the table. They deserve all the praise they’ve gotten on Barstool New York. If Rider can bring the noise like you say, then prove it. Beat Rutgers at their own game. Its gonna be like the Battle of Trenton except instead of George Washington and the Revolutionary War and shit it will be students from Rutgers and Rider seeing who can get laid the most in the Foam.

Rider has the home field advantage – Rutgers has the veteran experience. Both have Jersey Dirties who like to get down and party. Heavyweight bout goes down October 25th.

Thursday October 25th – Trenton NJ, Sun National Bank Center (Buy Tickets)

Barstool Blackout – Fckin Foam – Providence from Barstool Blackout Tour on Vimeo.