so im bored at work, creepin hard on OkCupid, and I come across this chic.  says she’s from spain, and you can tell she’s got a smokin hot body. but, she’s got an eyepatch in every pic…

so my question is, would you bang out a chic with a smokin hot body and pretty face, even if she wore an eyepatch or had a disfigured eye?

Is this a real life question? Like this is supposed to be some hard dilemma where I really need to analyze the pros and cons and yada yada yada. What you’re telling me is there’s a Spanish smoke whos pretty, has a smokin body, and her only knock is that shes a cyclops pirate who rocks an eye patch? Where the fuck do I sign? I mean have you seen my lazy eye? I should probably be rocking an eye patch myself.

Personally I find it pretty intriguing. The fact that she goes with a classic, old school, black eye patch is pretty sexy. Like I’m sure theres a million discrete more cosmetic solutions these days to being a one eyed monster. Fake eyeballs or stylish patches. But this broad just says fuck it and goes with the Blackbeard The Pirate look. Admirable. Cocky.

I also wanna know what the fuck happened in the first place. Maybe theres a really crazy story that goes along with it. Maybe she lost it in a street fight. Who knows. Could be something wild. Bottom line is if you’re asking me to fuck a really sexy Spanish chick who has eye patch swagger and may have a mysterious and captivating tale of how she became a cyclops, the answer is a resounding “Yes.”