Interesting question. Now obviously there are some cab drivers out there who probably aren’t completely horrendous. And there’s also probably a lot of 4′s out there who are incredibly desperate. But lets assume we’re discussing your stereotypical cab driver – looks considerably like Osama bin Laden. Pungent smell. Constantly mumbling on his bluetooth. Horrible disposition. Terrible temper. Violent temperament and zero social skills.

Personally I just don’t see why any 4 out of 10 is gonna have sex with the cab driver I just described. Even if you were just craving the dick, there are plenty of other putrid options you could stoop to without embarking on some scary, smelly, Al Qaeda-ish sexcapade. I think the reason they are on the phone 24 hours a day is because they are talking to the women back home because nobody here will give them the time of day. Plain and simple – I don’t think cab drivers have any American sex that isn’t paid for.