Huff Po - Just in the neck of time. Doctors in Kansas treating a 7-month-old girl thought the child had a swollen gland, until they made a frightening discovery — a feather poking out of the baby’s neck. Initially, doctors prescribed antibiotics and sent little Mya Whittington home with her parents, but then her jaw swelled to the size of a golfball, according to the Associated Press. In a follow up visit, a doctor saw something poking out of Mya’s swollen jaw. She put on gloves and plucked a feather out of the baby’s neck. ”They pulled a feather out of my child,” Mya’s father Aaron Whittington, of Hutchinson, Kan., told CNN. “How crazy is that?’ Doctors believe Mya swallowed or inhaled the feather, which apparently pierced the inside of her cheek or throat. ”The body, being crazy as it is, it just rejected it and started forcing it out,” Whittington said.

Kids are a handful. We all know that. They drain all the money and all the fun from your life. They’re constantly crying. Constantly sick. And those are just all the things you brace yourself for. Now all the sudden I gotta worry about fucking feathers popping out of my kid like its a goddam peacock? For sure not. Like if this is possible then just about anything is possible. If my kid starts I have to be like “Maybe its hungry? Maybe it needs to be burped? Maybe it needs to be changed. Or maybe its fucking body is rejecting a feather it ingested by forcing it through its skin.” If thats something that needs to be considered that virtually anything can happen to kids. Maybe there’s a piece of spaghetti up its nose! Maybe theres a spider inside its ear? This is the shit they write horror stories about folks.

Just generally speaking, isn’t it insane how many people get duped into having kids? Pretty much everyone knows it sucks but here we are still having kids. Like right now I could have a car if I wanted. But living in the city, I don’t really need it, its expensive to own one, its a hassle to deal with, and its just another responsibility to worry about. So, I just dont get the car. All that shit applies to having kids. Everyone knows it sucks and its just a pain in the ass to deal with but they all have a baby. And then another and another. Its insanity. They know they’re gonna be miserable, they confirm it after having one child, and then do it over and over. Procreation is for the birds.