CBS Sports – In a move that will be seen as anticlimactic at this point, Red Sox upper management intends to remove Bobby Valentine as manager soon after the season ends, people familiar with the situation say. The belief is Valentine’s ouster will come either Thursday or Friday, though that isn’t known. Some people believe the Red Sox will give Valentine the courtesy of a meeting, but several people said they don’t believe there’s any chance he would be able to change their minds, assuming he’d want to. ”No comment,” general manager Ben Cherington said by text regarding the expected imminent ouster.

Incarcerated Bob does it again

What a raw deal for Bobby V. Who knows what went on behind closed doors and, knowing Bobby V, he probably rubbed some people the wrong way. Especially knowing the Red Sox management, which might be the cattiest, most dramatic front office in baseball. This simply had to be a personal issue because theres no way anyone in their right mind could pin the Red Sox on the field disaster with Bobby Valentine