Reddit user PlanedPatI’d like to request an AMA of David Portnoy, the owner and head blogger for Barstool Sports, the greatest sports and news blog / smut empire in the world. Are there more people working for you than the ones mentioned on the blog? Is there a “behind the scenes” team? Do the majority of your profits come from advertising on the blog or from the Blackouts and Fckin’ Foam tour? How did you get started with Barstool? I’m sure some fellow stoolies can come up with some more / better questions. Come on Pageviews, throw yourself to the mercy of reddit.

Welp looks like this is finally the thing thats gonna make me join Reddit. Up until now I never even really looked at Reddit. Not even Obama doing an “AMA” got me involved. To be honest I don’t even get it. Looks like one huge internet forum. The only time I end up in those sort of user forums with people posting questions and answers and links is when I’m on Yahoo Answers or something trying to find out info on STDs. For my friend, of course. But I feel like I’m not alone there. Most average Stoolies aren’t gonna be on Reddit. Fuck, most Stoolies complain that they don’t even like Twitter. So as far as I’m concerned, Reddit is like the last frontier Barstool needs to break into. Its the last step before total global domination. Its a doozy of a step though. Redditors seem like the quintessential lunatic internet dwellers. They’re already posting wacky shit on this request:

Nooo! David Portnoy represents only the most disgusting empire. It’s the largest online collection of misogynistic, homophobic guys in the Boston area and he’s their stupid ring leader. I don’t think the Reddit community needs to inflate his ego any larger. ~ Northern_nurse

I’d like to see him do it, but most people on Reddit are way too nerdy to appreciate Barstool. At best, they sip tea and read Deadspin. ~ ChimneyFish

This should just go swimmingly! But its like some Ric Flair shit. To be the man, you gotta beat the man. The road to own the internet goes through Reddit. I feel like this is supposed to just be a friendly Q&A session and this will inevitably end up in Reddit vs. Barstool internet controversy. Normal vs. Nerdy. Blogger vs. Trolls. El Presidente vs. The Reddit Alien. This is some Internet Wrestlemania shit.

UPDATE: Challenge accepted by El Pres. Wednesday, January 9th, time TBA. Dave Portnoy‘s Reddit AMA.