NY PostThe Brooklyn hipster charged with DWI after slamming a Mercedes through a Long Island home in May was not behind the wheel — her sneaky boyfriend was, sources said yesterday. The allegation came to light when she spoke to cops after the real driver reneged on his promises to pay for her lawyer and take her on vacation, according to the sources. Her new story was confirmed by his DNA on the driver’s-side airbag, the sources added. Dan Sajewski, 23, was arrested yesterday in Riverhead and is expected to be charged with DWI because he “was driving and he switched places with’’ girlfriend Sophia Anderson, 21, of Williamsburg, before cops arrived at the Huntington crash scene, a source said.  Anderson will now be charged with obstruction of justice, but the DWI count against her will be dropped, the source said. “Things are going to change, and that’s good,’’ she told The Post. Suffolk DA Thomas Spota said, “Our investigation, based on medical evidence, witness statements and other proof has determined Sophia Anderson was not the driver.”

Wow! What a woman! Back when we first heard her story I fell in love. She was a hard 6 and clearly the type of boozy party broad who could put a car through a house and not give a fuck. Now it turns out she’s the type of ride or die bitch who would catch a case for her man. She could probably be someone’s Old Lady on Sons of Anarchy. Just loyal and sexy and drunk. Those are the three ways to my heart.

On another note how about Dan Sajewski. Hey bro when you got a chick willing to take the wrap for you, you gotta do whatever you can to keep her. I would be down on that chick 24 hours a day promising her the biggest fucking ring in the world when she gets done doing her bid. Whatever it takes to make sure she doesn’t turn state.