Holy shit these tit pictures made me feel old.  I mean it feels like just yesterday I was sitting on the couch waiting for my mom to put the frosting on my Toaster Strudel watching Even Stevens marathons on Disney.   Like that Famous Jett Jackson, Lizzie Mcguire, Even Stevens line up in the early 2000s was fucking deadly.   Had to stay up way past my bedtime til like 11 pm doing homework since I was busy on Disney all afternoon.  Not to mention if I caught a good episode of the Jersey I’d have to commit another half hour of TV time and all the sudden it was getting dark out.  Thank god for the Proud Family though because once that came on shit was a wrap and I could finally go play outside.  Show was like the early animated version of House Of Payne.  Just terrible.   But smokes like Ren and Lizzie were appointment television not to mention Jett’s girlfriend that sneaky slut Kayla.   Helped me grow up fast.  And now what?  You got a 45 year old Ren Stevens flashing her tits all over the screen, Shia Lebouf running wild throwing hot coffee all over fat paparazzi in Hollywood, Lizzie McGuire fuckin married, Jett Jackson playing bit parts in cancelled TV shows that kill him off in the 4th episode.   Life’s just moving too fast.

NSFW pics and video