ESPN – New York Jets Pro Bowl cornerback Darrelle Revis doesn’t seem too excited to play against the Denver Broncos and quarterback Tim Tebow Thursday night.  “We can’t fall asleep back there in the secondary,” said Revis Tuesday, according to “It can get boring, especially when a team just keeps running the ball, series after series, play after play.”  After reviewing the tape, Revis knows he won’t get much action this week. Denver ran the football 55 times with its “T-bone” offense. Tebow had nine carries himself for 43 yards and a touchdown.  The Broncos threw the football just eight times and beat the Kansas City Chiefs, 17-10. Tebow was 2-for-8 for 69 yards. But his best throw was a 56-yard touchdown to Broncos receiver Eric Decker after Kansas City’s secondary stopped worrying about the pass.  As Revis warned, New York’s secondary can’t get caught napping this week when Tebow decides to throw.

Please take the bait. Please please please take the bait. I don’t even know if you can bait this Jesus freak though. Can you talk shit to a Messiah? I don’t know. Like last year Cromartie runs his mouth to Brady and dares him to throw at him and what does Brady do? Throws him a pick. But thats because Brady is a mere mortal. Flesh and blood. A competitive man who lets emotions come into play.

Tebow is a whole other story though. I think someone made him from one of Adam’s ribs like that fucking slut Eve. It always just  that “turn the other cheek” bullshit. Thou shalt not throweth the football, despite what thy opposition shalt desire. Fuck you Tebow! Have some pride you stupid piece of shit! Do what Sanchez does! Try and throw the fucking football even though you can’t and throw 3 picks! Is that so hard to do! Thats what young overmatched quarterbacks do you fucking goody two shoes faggot!

I’m sorry that was inappropriate. Especially the F word there at the end. But tonite is going to be the least entertaining game of all time. Its going to make people beg for the NBA to come back. Its going to be a 13-9 game if we’re lucky. The fact that the over is 40.5 is LAUGHABLE. Literally everyone in the world should be betting the under. So I’m sorry for getting emotional. But watching the Jesus Freak run the option 50 times in a row is just really getting me juiced up for tonite’s game.