“I’m comfortable and confident with all 3 quarterbacks. I think all three guys have now proven they can win in this league…“I got three good quarterbacks. I feel good about three quarterbacks. I think we’re in a lot better situation than probably a lot of teams.” ~ Rex Ryan

This is the one folks. This is it. This is Rex’s most absurd quote of his career. I’ve written in the past how I think Rex intentionally plays the role of lightning rod. I think he intentionally plays the ultra-confident role and continually sticks by his guys. He’s loyal and optimistic to a fault.

But saying “I think we;re in a lot better situation than probably a lot of teams” has gotta be the most ridiculous words ever uttered by a head coach given the circumstances. You have a menage a tois of garbage. You’re coming off the worst game in NFL history. You just extended one quarterback, traded for a second, and have a 3rd that the media and fanbase are clamoring for him to start. There is not a SINGLE team in the NFL that would want this situation. Not only are you not “in a lot better situation,” you’re in the worst situation in the league. Dead last. Maybe the worst QB situation of all time.

Yes the Jags QB situation sucks. KC is awful. Clearly Arizona’s situation is atrocious – Lindley is the worst QB of all time and I guess Wisenhunt just hates my boy Skelton. But the difference in these situations is that they aren’t tied down to all sorts of mediocre choices. I’d rather have zero choices than 3 expensive and complicated choices. Jacksonville and Kansas City can make all sorts of moves. They’ll both land top draft picks. Sign a free agent. Bring in Alex Smith. Matt Flynn. Whatever. There are moves to be made when you have zero commitment to anyone. The Jets on the other hand are buried with these three guys. McElroy is probably the best choice and who knows what he really is. Politics and ticket sales and all sorts of shit are gonna keep the Jets in this QB shitstorm for the foreseeable future. Literally nobody is envious of this situation Rex.