Hey look another homeless street performer playing next to the toothless Jamaican with the steel drums and that blind Asian man playing the sintar! Oh whats that? Its Rick fucking Springfield? The dude who’s written one of the most recognizable songs in the history of musical sound? Things are really lookin up for you huh bud? Guess those Jessie’s Girl royalty checks finally stopped rolling in and no music reality TV show wanted you to be a judge.

The best part is how nobody knows the words to that second song. Everyone just kind of mumbling being like “Hey bro the little LED sign says the A train is 3 minutes away lets cut the shit and cue up Jessie’s Girl before I gotta go to work.”

PS – I wonder if Rick just grabbed one of those 40-something broads and made them suck his dick right on the platform. Just drop some pickup line on them like “You wanna be Jessie’s Girl?” and unzips his pants and they just starting blowing him. Forget about dollar bills in a guitar case Rick Springfield is just collecting subway platform oral.