The thing here is, I kinda respect the shit out of both these moves. I’m a dog lover. I can’t knock a master trying to make sure his pup is comfortable. And forget about Hammock Man. That dude is like the Macguyver of mass transit. No seats left? No problem let me just hang from the ceiling like I’m a fucking lemur! Let all the pregnant bitches and elderly have their seats. I’ll be the guy in the hammock.

Now don’t get me wrong if I was stuck on a crowded train with either of these guys I’d wanna throw them out the fucking window. But from a distance in the comfort of my own home right now I just see a couple animals looking comfy as shit on their train ride. So we’ll leave it up to a vote:

Vote 1 for you respect dog crate guy more Vote 10 for you respect Harry Hammock more

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