Pretty straightforward question here. The Yankees have had two wins since Mo’s injury, both exceeding a 3 run margin, so we are yet to see someone else get a save. Robertson came in for the first win with a 4 run lead, and he was warming up before A-Rod’s mammoth home run put the game out of reach in Sunday’s series finale. However, it still isn’t set in stone that Robertson is the guy, as Girardi has said he’s gonna play around with it. Bottom line is this: Yankees up 5-4 going into the top of the ninth at home against the Red Sox. Throw matchups out the window, both guys are fresh, who do you want coming in? While it seems like Robertson has that closer mentality, making him the guy would entail changing two bullpen spots. Also, if he fails as a closer this young, that could kill his confidence for being the 9th inning man in the future. On the other hand, Soriano proved he could be a dominant closer when he was with Tampa. Having him leapfrog Roberston going from the 7th to the 9th would require only one change in the current bullpen hierarchy.

Vote 1 for Soriano’s the man or vote 10 for I want to see what Robertson’s got.

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