Clay Matthews: “The fact is, the Giants didn’t beat us; we beat ourselves.”

Jason Whitlock: “Eli is not elite. Football coaches know this.”

Cam Newton: “It was nothing they did, it was all on us.”

LeSean McCoy: “I would say stuff to Osi like you is a bum…he’s a ballerina in a Giants uniform.”

Roddy White (after being dismissed from playoffs by the NYG): “Next year, he (Cruz) may be in for a rude awakening.”

And the latest from White, on why Cruz & Nicks aren’t the best WR tandem: “He (Cruz) is much more of a slot receiver. The big boys play on the outside.”

Shit just never ends. The amount of disrespect people have for the Giants is amazing. They don’t have a single good player on their team and, instead, must eat four-leaf clovers & shove horse shoes up each other’s asses before every game. No matter what they achieve, individually or as a team, they’re just a bunch of fortunate motherfuckers in blue with overhyped skill & ability. The rings fell from the sky. Eli wins with whatever receivers are healthy & open by divine intervention. Carolina beat Carolina 36-7. Osi plied his tutu’ed ass to 3 double-digit sack seasons & 2 Pro-Bowls. Now we find out every WR in their first full year reels off 1500 yards until defenses start catching up to them. Oh, and big boys play on the outside. Pussies line up in the slot to cross the middle. That’s where Polamalu & Patrick Willis pass out the free 1500 yards.

For as much as I hate to endorse anything Yankees, this is kinda like the slack Derek Jeter takes from his haters. “His range sucks”, “he’s old”, “he’s slow” – but he’s got 5 rings, an endless amount of individual hardware and, at 38 he leads the majors in hits while surrounded by dudes in their 20′s on the batting average leaderboard. Only 10 E’s at short means he’s still holding his own in the field too. But as a Mets fan/Yankee hater, I will argue to the death how he simply benefits from being atop a stacked lineup in a bandbox every year and he’s only made 10 errors because balls most other shortstops would get to just blow right by him. Closeting my respect with blinding hatred. So I get it. I’m no better than Clay, Scam Newton or Roddy White…but embracing my own hating allows me to see right through them.

Roddy White’s gotta talk. That’s all he’s got left. He’s second-fiddle on his team now and can’t trash Julio Jones, so he might as well attack a guy like Victor Cruz with no pedigree. Let everyone know Cruz is a flash in the pan while he’s the real deal. 2012 was a fluke, even though Cruz’s fluky numbers were better than any year White’s had, and he’s once again posting better numbers than him this year. Roddy, I’m sorry. Why should I expect you to show any respect when you haven’t even won a playoff game in your 7-year career? You’re just a jealous Mets fan. I understand that now.

Victor Cruz: “I got a ring back at home. I don’t care about what Roddy White has to say.”