Daily News- Manhattan without the Empire State Building? New York without the Statue of Liberty? Brooklyn without the Bridge? The Yankees without the Steinbrenners? Rumors are flying in Major League Baseball and New York banking circles that the family that has owned Major League Baseball’s premiere franchise since Cleveland shipbuilder George Steinbrenner purchased the club for $8.8 million in 1973 is exploring the possibility of selling the Yankees. Multiple baseball and finance sources told the Daily News they are hearing that the team the Steinbrenner family has led to seven World Series titles could be put on the block in the wake of the record sale price of $2.175 billion the Los Angeles Dodgers went for in April. Yankee president Randy Levine adamantly denied the rumors: “I can say to you there is absolutely, positively nothing to this. The Steinbrenners are not selling the team.” Unlike 2009, when the Yankees invested $424 million in CC Sabathia, Mark Teixeira and A.J. Burnett to win their first world championship in nine years, Yankee general partner Hal Steinbrenner has made it clear he wants to lower the payroll even if the team fails to make the playoffs this year. “I’m a finance geek. I guess I always have been,” Steinbrenner said during spring training. “That’s my background; budgets matter and balance sheets matter. I just feel that if you do well on the player development side and you have a good farm system, you don’t need a $220 million payroll. You can field every bit as good a team with young talent.”

You know who gets headlines for shit like this? The Mets. Not the Yankees. Not the team that has won 7 world series titles since shipbuilder Steinbrenner bought them in 1973. George has to be rolling over in his grave right now upon hearing this atrocious news. This is exactly why the Yankees aren’t the fiery team they were a couple years ago. When ownership isn’t all in, how can you expect the players to be? On one hand, it would be devastating to see the Steinbrenner name leave the Yankees, but when you think about it, the only thing Hal shares with his father is a last name. No sign of the innate passion to win or the desire to be on top in Hal. “I’m a finance geek. I guess I always have been.” Then go be a fucking number cruncher at J.P. Morgan and hand the team over to someone who actually cares about winning, Hal. Your father would have cut his own dick off before putting numbers and spreadsheets above championships.

If the Dodgers sold for over $2 Billion, I’m scared to see what the price tag would be for the greatest franchise in sports. There may be only one man capable of spending that kind of money… Marc Zuckerberg. That autistic bastard, I knew it. He’s like Kiefer Sutherland’s kid in Touch- somehow channelling his aspergers into psychic abilities, figuring out that the Yankees would one day be going up for sale. Here we all this whole time thinking he’s just Warren Buffeting his money, but in reality, he’s been eyeing down middle relief pitching for years, just waiting for his moment to strike. Well played, Zuck. Hopefully this turns out better than the IPO. Seriously though, the thought of Yankees under new ownership is tough to conceptualize, but it may not be the worst thing. Despite the last two wins and A Rod coming through on his “I’m about to go off” prediction, the team looks like it could use a major shake up. For now it’s just rumors that are being adamantly denied by team president Randy Levine, but it’s definitely something to keep an eye on.