RussiaThe police of St. Petersburg has started investigation into the publication of an obscene video on the Russian Internet. The video showed a young couple having sex on the city’s iconic street Nevsky Prospekt, said. The video shows a sexual act between a man and a woman, who pay no attention to other cars that pull over to watch them. The author of the video was watching the couple for nearly 20 minutes. According to eyewitnesses, the couple became reason for a traffic jam on the street. According to Chuyev and other eyewitnesses, the woman in the video was drunk. After two young men approached the couple, the woman left. Apparently, she had nothing against sex in public.

Yo not for nothin dude, but you suck at fucking. Whats goin on there bro? Get some thrusting going. Get some hip action going. Give that drunk chick a public deep dicking she’ll never forget! Right here I give this effort about a 4 out of 10. 2 points for having the balls to bang in public, 2 points for being able to get your dick hard when you’re that shitfaced, and I award you no points for anything else. You look like me in 7th grade at my middle school Friday night dances grinding to “Too Close” by Next. Just used to stick my half boner out and let the girl do the rest. Well newsflash, guy – you’re borderline having sex with a dead corpse. She ain’t gonna show much of an effort slumped over a building in a drunken stupor. Its like Ice Cube told you! You can do it put your back into it!

Thats probably why that dude came up to him. Trying to give him pointers. Like hey dude, you’re doing it wrong! Lemme get a crack at it.