NJ.comFor the first time, Rutgers undergraduates will be allowed to select a roommate of the opposite sex in campus dorms as part of a pilot program starting at three housing facilities this fall. The measure is intended to make campus life more welcoming to gay students, and gay and lesbian student groups asked for the rule change in the aftermath of Tyler Clementi’s suicide last fall. Freshmen will be excluded from the program, though they will be able to ask for a roommate who is tolerant of homosexuality. Students who are romantically involved with each other will be allowed to be roommates, and parents will have no right to officially veto a student’s choice.

Hope all the boyfriends at Rutgers love this one. Good luck when next semester rolls around and now your girlfriend can pester you about moving in together. And vice versa good luck to all the girls who think they want to live with their boyfriend and then quickly realize that a living with a dude in college is like living in the sewer with a homeless person. Nothing quite like dysfunctional college relationships crammed into a 12 x 12 dorm room.

I know this is in response to the whole gay discrimination suicide thing and thats all well and good but Rutgers is fucking just about every hetero dude who used the whole “no co-ed dorms” rule as an automatic buffer. So while hopefully this move lowers the chances of homosexual suicide don’t be surprised when heterosexual homicide is through the roof. Because I just can’t think of anything worse than living in a dorm with a 19 year old girlfriend who thinks you are “the one” and wants to spend every waking moment with you. I’d probably last about a week before I’d snap.