(Good fight clip)

(Drunk guy getting dragged down the street)

Reader Email 1:

Wild shit at Rutgers Fest. I just got a video up. Check it out Hardcore bitches squaring off with dudes.
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Reader Email 2:

I don’t know if you know but Rutgersfest is when us Rutgers kids and about 5 times the amount of non rutgers kids get drunk, goto a concert and party it up all day. Well turns out that gunswick lived up to it’s nickname . 4 Shootings, and someone got beat unconscious with a bottle. – joe

Damn, somebody remind me not to go to RutgersFest 2011 next time it comes around.  I mean this shit makes U-Albany Kegs N’ Eggs look like CandyLand.  You got multi-colored hair chicks beating up dudes, people getting shot and hit in the head with a bottle.   Who was the feature band, Third Eye Blind?  (Inside Barstool NYC Twitter joke).   I mean it sounds like the old school Yankee bleachers when the Red Sox came to town.

Got any more pics/videos of people getting their ass kicked, shot or hit in the head with a bottle at RutgersFest 2011?  Send to nyctips@barstoolsports.com