Introducing Alyssa from Rutgers. Its no surprise that Rutgers is 3 for 3 this week. At any given time I think I could rattle off at least 15 straight Scarlet Smokes. What is gonna be surprising, is when Rutgers students complain that the Blackout Foam Tour didn’t come back to Starland Ballroom. Once again to be clear, Starland banned us. We’re not invited back. So if you’re a Rutgers student looking to Black the fuck Out in the Foam, you gotta head down to Trenton October 25th at the Sun National Center.

You’re gonna need a ride down there, so head over the the Buses2Barstool facebook page.  You can get all the info you need about getting a bus ticket too and from Fckin Foam in Trenton. Easiest cheapest and safest way to Blackout, get to at least 3rd base in the Foam, and then head home with the rest of Rutgers to bring the party back to campus.

Thursday October 25th – Trenton NJ, Sun National Bank Center (Buy Tickets)

Barstool Blackout Tour – DCU Center Worcester from Barstool Blackout Tour on Vimeo.