LA TimesThe sixth of the accusers who say they were abused by Jerry Sandusky took the witness stand Thursday and described being embraced in the shower by the former Penn State football coach who called himself the “tickle monster.”

You know what Sandusky’s lasting legacy of infamy is gonna be? Ruining Tickle Monster. Now when everyone hears Tickle Monster they’re just gonna think of this old rapist with gross teeth doing unspeakable things to boys in the shower. Meanwhile Tickle Monster used to be the most harmless, most fun thing a dad ever did with his children. In my house Tickle Monster was like a fuckin sport. We ran around the house and my father tried to peg us with a blanket tied up in a knot. It was basically like dodgeball. Me and my brother ran around trying to dodge the shit our father threw at us and if you got hit you got tickeled. Hiding behind furniture and shit like we were in The Assault on American Gladiators. Probably my favorite memory from my childhood. Now nobody is ever gonna play Tickle Monster ever again. Just like nobody names their kids Adolf. Such a goddam shame.

My whole childhood just got retroactively creepy. I feel like I gotta go testify in this trial now.

Now cue the comments about how people think my dad raped me…