NY PostThe lawyer for accused pedophile and former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky reportedly impregnated a teenage girl more than a decade ago. Joe Amendola, 63, was the attorney for Mary Iavasile’s emancipation petition from Sept. 3, 1996, which was filed just weeks before her 17th birthday, according to Centre County Courthouse documents obtained by iPad newspaper The Daily. That’s approximately when Iavasile became pregnant with Amendola’s child, her mother, Janet Iavasile, told The Daily. “At the time, I didn’t know the extent of the relationship,” said Janet. Amendola seemed more like Mary’s “mentor,” she described the relationship between her teenage daughter and a man in his late 40s. “She met him through the school district; she was interested in the law,” the mother said. Amendola and Mary, who is now 32, later married in February 2003, according to court records. They had a second child around that time but have since split up, Janet said, adding that she now has respect for Amendola. “Joe is a very good father and has loved his two children very much, and that’s the most important thing for me right now,” she said. Neither Amendola nor Mary Iavasile returned requests for comment. Records show that the age of consent in Pennsylvania is 16 years old.

People always wonder how lawyers can defend murderers and rapists in a court of law. Like how can you sit there and try and persuade a jury to let off a man who is so blatantly a rapist? A man who has sex with young kids?

Welp its pretty easy when you do it to!

Jesus fucking Christ. The Saga continues. Chapter 59 – Jerry Sandusky’s Lawyer Is Also A Kid Fucker. Honestly how much more perverse can this tale get? I would love to see Amendola’s pitch. Like those 1-800 Lawyer commercials from Jacoby & Meyer and shit. “Are YOU in the middle of a child rape scandal? Did YOU have sex with underage kids and believe there’s nothing wrong with it? Than call Amendola & Sons! I raped kids too! I know the feeling! YOU and your family are entitled to a fair trial. Just remember – I’m not only a client, I’m the kid raper president!”

Unbelievable. Just around the same exact time Jerry Sandusky was raping little boys year after year after year, Joe Amendola was busy fucking and impregnating a 16 year old girl as a 40 year old. And now 15 years later they’re gonna walk into court together like some Dynamic Duo of child rapists to fight for Jerry Sandusky’s innocence.

Seriously I’ve lost all faith in this world. If OccupyWallStreet wasn’t coming to an end I would pack up and head down there. Throw out my computer and my phone and disconnect from the same world that Jerry Sandusky lives in. Sing songs and play in a park until its time for me to go.

PS – Jerry I know you where busy having sex with boys all day ever day, but did you EVER brush your teeth? Ever? Once?