So SantaCon seems to get mixed reviews. First, if you don’t know what it is, it’s basically a ton a people that dress up in Santa costumes and go on a bar crawl. I did it last year (pictured above, being drunk at 11 am) and I thought it was pretty sweet. You get to drink all day, every bar is packed with hot chicks in little Christmas outfits, everyone is in the holiday spirit – what’s not to like? But I’ve gotten a bunch of feedback along the lines of “SantaCon is gay, you nerd. Only stupid gay nerds go to SantaCon.” I don’t understand it.

The only way I can see hating SantaCon is if you’ve never done it, or you aren’t doing it one particular year. Like if you live in a neighborhood where it’s taking place and you’re trying to have a nice, relaxing Saturday, it’s going to ruin shit for you. Bunch of drunk idiots stumbling around puking and fingering each other in the streets and whatnot. If you’re not a part of it and are trying to go about your daily business, yeah, it might be annoying. Then there are the people who have never done it simply because they’re cynical assholes who hate fun. “Oh, dressing up like Santa is so retarded. You guys are losers, meeehhhh.” Well to those people I say this:

Do you hate Halloween? Of course not. Everyone loves Halloween. It’s automatic legitimacy to dress up like an dick, act like an asshole, and try to fuck some pussy. It’s awesome. Well SantaCon is the exact same thing except everyone is dressed the same. Don’t have to worry about what you’re going to dress up as, just buy the same $30 costume as everyone else and start drinking at 10 am. It has the same kind of feel as Halloween too. Everyone is rowdy, chicks are extra slutty, and people kinda let themselves go because everyone looks equally like an idiot. The only ones who wouldn’t like it are depressed, insecure douchebags who need to act like a hard ass everywhere they go. Same dudes who don’t wear a costume on Halloween. Losers who probably own a lot of Affliction clothing.

So in conclusion: SantaCon rules, and if you hate on it than you hate drinking, sex, and Christmas. The end.