Theres a lot of reasons this team failed this season. Mark Sanchez took about 5 steps backwards. Brian Schottenheimer ran an offensive scheme that was basically the worst in the league. The offensive line was basically a revolving door letting Sanchez get sacked all season. Say what you want about all those guys, but at least they were fucking trying. Mark Sanchez leaves his heart and soul out there every game. Even fucking Wayne Hunter gives it his all.

And this fucking dump of a human Santonio Holmes can’t even give the Jets the time of day. Can’t even muster up the balls to play a full 60 minutes every Sunday as a goddam captain. You’re a pussy Santonio Holmes. A coward. A pathetic excuse for a professional athlete. Just downright despicable. And the most embarrassing part of it all is how much of a talent he is. He’s a fucking stud and just chooses not to play. But he’s got his money and his ring and thats enough for him. Why not just call it a career, Santonio? Seriously whats the point of even going out there and playing 50%? Might as well just sit at home.

And the people who are killing Rex for making him a captain need to pipe down. Rex stepped up to one of the biggest malcontents on the team and challenged him. Gave him a title hoping that Santonio would respond like a man and actually play the role of NFL Captain. I’m sure if Rex had known he was dealing with a child, a gutless wimp, maybe he would have acted differently. But people killing him saying its his worst coaching move ever couldn’t be more wrong. Rex took a proactive approach to try and motivate one of the most pathetic players in the NFL. And had Santonio had a great season he would have been praised for the move. But there’s just no way as a coach you can go assuming that the guys suiting up for you are quitters. This is nobody’s fault but one man boy and one boy only.

Ordinarily here is where I’d say Get The Fuck Off My Team, but that usually implies that you have some right to actually belong on this team. You don’t even deserve it Santonio Holmes.