YahooA Texas high school has recalled copies of its yearbook after special needs students were described as “mentally retarded” within its pages, angering teachers, students and their parents. Mesquite High School‘s yearbooks were initially distributed on Friday, but were recalled by school officials within hours. “They told the entire class that they have a slight mistake that needs to be fixed,” a senior at the school told Fox’s KDFW affiliate. An introduction to the “Special Education” section read, “Some of the disabilities the students in the Special Education Program have are being blind, deaf or non-verbal” and described two students as “both blind and deaf, as well as mentally retarded.” “There was an oversight in the editing approval process,” Laura Jobe, communications director for the Mesquite school district, told The Dallas Morning News. “Those who work inside the special education department know these requirements.” The yearbooks will be redistributed this week, school officials said, without the offending pages. “We earnestly regret the term ‘mentally retarded’ was included and offer our apologies to our students and their families,” Jobe said. “The use of the words ‘mentally retarded’ is something we would never condone.” Mesquite High’s graduation is scheduled for May 26.

Whats the fuss here? They disabled kids got their own Retard Section of the yearbook? I figured they’d like that shit. Like the same way the football team and the soccer team gets their own pages, the special ed kids should get their own shine too. List out the roster of the blindos and the deaf kids. The retarded guys and the handicapped girls. Those two kids described as “both blind and deaf, as well as mentally retarded” can be co-captains of the team. Thats the holy trinity of fucked up. Mentally retarded bosses right there.

I’d love to make a yearbook that really reflects the student body’s perception of the school. Have a section for the retards. A section for the smokeshows. A few pages for the sluts. Maybe in the back of the book a few chapters for the fat people. Because thats the kind of shit you’re gonna need a yearbook for in 20 years. You’re not gonna wanna scan the whole book trying to remember a name looking through everyone in the school alphabetically. You’re gonna be like “Hey remember that fat chick? The one who blew Tommy at the prom? What was her name again?” Boom. Flip to the Fat Section. “Oh wait, she wasn’t fat she was just Autistic.” Easy fix, I’ll just turn to the Retarded Section. Obviously she’d also make an appearance in the Whore Section of the year book if she’s blowing guys at the prom as well, so you could find her there if you weren’t sure if she was chunky or retarded. All sorts of cross functionality. Now that would be a yearbook people would hold on to.