Daily Mail – Dinosaurs may be partly to blame for a change in climate because they created so much flatulence, according to leading scientists. Professor Graeme Ruxton of St Andrews University, Scotland, said the giant animals spent 150 years emitting the potent global warming gas, methane. Large plant-eating sauropods would have been the main culprits because of the huge amounts of greenery they consumed.  The team calculated the animals would have collectively produced more than 520m tons of methane a year – more than all today’s modern sources put together. It is thought these huge amounts could easily have been enough to warm the planet. It is even possible that the climate change was so catastrophic that it caused the dinosaurs eventual demise. One of the animals, a 90-ton argentinosaurus, which measured 140ft in length, would have consumed at least half a ton of food in one day. After breaking down in the animal’s stomach it would have produced thousands of litres of the greenhouse gas compared with a modern cow which only produces 200 litres of methane daily.

Hey Dinosaurs way to fucking go! You farted yourselves to death. Everyone thinks a meteor wiped out the dinos but guess what? It was just Argentinosaurus’ asshole. Buncha brontosauruses and triceratops and T Rex’s just dutch ovening the entire planet into extinction. I wonder if the argentinosaurus had any friends at all. 140 foot fat ass just stumbling around planet earth eating half a ton of shrubbery and ripping ass like an inconsiderate son of a bitch. Hey argentinosaurus if you keep farting you’re gonna block out the fucking sun dude! We’refuckin dead of you don’t clench those cheeks bro. Unbelievable.

How loud do you think a dino fart would be? Would have to be like a goddam earthquake right? Unless dinosaurs were the type to drop SBDs. I’d imagine thats highly unlikely though. After seeing that scene in Jurassic Park with the gigantic pile of triceratops shit, I’d have to imagine dinosaur beefs are as loud as they come.

PS – Now that scientists have deemed farting a possible culprit in climate change, I’d like to be the first to recommend the theory that my dad is responsible for Global Warming. Dude has ripped so much vicious ass over the past 25 years I think he put the hole in the ozone layer.