…or June, whatever.  Sad to see this Rangers-Bruins season series end so quickly, but I think I speak for everyone in hockey when I say that these teams NEED to meet in the playoffs.  Need to.  It’s been way too fucking long since these two original sixes squared off with Stanley still up for grabs.  This “rivalry” needs it.  This sport needs it.  Barstool needs it.  RearAd and I want our Super Bowl XLVI-esq moment in the sun so we can trade off low blows on twitter and shit.  Let’s spark this joint up with some good old inter-city hockey hatred, really put the foil on.  Forty years is faaaaaaar too long, so let’s hope this summer sees that particular streak end and we can watch this kind of quality hockey for up to seven straight times.

The Rangers’ win tonight sent a message to the rest of the East.  Training camp time is ovah.  And not a moment too soon since the season’s a quarter way done now.  Sure, it’s one thing to beat the struggling Lightning or the AHL-level Islanders, but to walk into the Bruin’s cage and crack the whip three times, that’s power.  Unfortunately, this team tends to read its own press before it’s even published and spent the majority of the third period sitting on their heels banking on Hank’s 400th consecutive bailout so save their skin again and agina.  Can’t change your attitude just because you’re up (by the worst lead in hockey, no less) against a team like Boston.  Too good, too physical.  They’ll smell the fear and feast on your timidness before you can soil their future meal’s pants.  There’s still a lot to clean up in terms of shift-to-shift consistency, but this Rangers team is finally starting to wake up and smell the potential.  Shitty last couple minutes but still a great road win tonight.  The King reigns again.

PS – Just a question to Bruins fans: is Milan Lucic this unhinged in real life?  Like does he have a reputation of just flying off the handles and smacking Boston-area waitresses across the face when they forget to bring him lime instead of lemon?  What’s his rep?  Cause he just looks like a steam whistle of rage, sweating at the mouth and waiting to blow.  My wife is legit terrified of that mouth breather.