NY Times - An unusual flash point in the coverage of Hurricane Sandy occurred on Monday afternoon, hours before the storm made landfall in New Jersey, when Lonnie Quinn, the lead weather anchor on WCBS-TV in New York, appeared on television screens with the sleeves of his blue shirt pushed up to the elbows, his red tie hanging slack, stripes going every which way as if to express his franticness. He was sitting next to the immaculately suited Maurice DuBois.Viewers quickly grasped the significance. “Weathermen are acting like such hardos,” wrote @KFCBarstool on Twitter, “sleeves rolled up, ties undone.”

Viva La Stool! Not even sure that dude knows what hardo means. I’m not even sure I know what hardo means. All I know is seeing @KFCBarstool  in the fashion section of the New York Times officially means I’m a fashionisto. What else did you think the F in KFC stood for?

Wait, don’t answer that.