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“I’ve never been around anything like this in my life.”
-Tom Coughlin

Tom Coughlin has been a head coach for literally 40 years. So if he’s saying he’s never seen anything like yesterday’s shitshow, what am I supposed to think about it? Because personally I think that Plaxico Burress could shoot me square in the dick and I don’t think it would hurt as bad as the way that game ended. Not to mention where the fuck was Coughlin on January 5, 2003? 2 words folks: Trey Junkin.

As for this disaster, shitty special teams and too many turnovers have been the Giants biggest problems all season, so those aren’t really a surprise. Yes giving away 10 points off of turnovers, watching a fucking joke of an onside kick, and then giving up the 1st walk-off punt return TD in NFL history all suck, but if you watch the Giants this season that’s all just about par for the course at this point.

But when the front office puts an emphasis on defense every single year, and with the kind of talent on defense that the Giants have, and when all season a D hypes itself up and carries the team, how in the fuck do you blow that kind of a lead? Up 3 TDs with 7 minutes left with the fucking division on the line….to your biggest rival…..AT HOME???!!! I don’t care if Matt Dodge sucks or that there was no running game or the special teams is run by a retarded monkey or that Michael Vick turned into Superman. As good as they’ve been for most of this season, and as many QBs as they’ve taken out and as many big plays as they’ve come up with, the defense fucking sucked yesterday, and they blew it. Plain and simple. They were 7 minutes away from being talked about as legit Super Bowl contenders. Instead there’s a do or die game at Green Bay next week just to stay in the stupid playoff race and the Bill Cowher and collapse talks are already starting.

P.S. I fucking hate sports.