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Pro Football Talk – Jets defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson wasn’t the first pick in the 2013 NFL draft.  He wasn’t even the first pick in his team’s draft, going second behind cornerback Dee Milliner. But Richardson now believes that he’s done enough through 14 weeks to justify being the first guy taken in a hypothetical do-over draft. “Probably No. 1, most likely,” Richardson said of his prospects, via Matt Ehalt of  “Kansas City?  Yeah.  I went into the draft thinking I’d be the No. 1 pick.  I had a shot.” Another candidate for the top pick in a Mulligan draft would be Panthers defensive tackle Star Lotulelei, who went one spot after Richardson.  Coincidentally, their teams square off this weekend. “Thirteen, 14 and now we’re both going for defensive rookies of the year,” Richardson said.  “Can’t ask for much better than that.” While it’s too early to label the underachieving top-10 picks as bust, Richardson and Lotulelei likely would both go higher if the teams knew then what they know now.

I love it. Absolutely fucking love it. How could you not? If there’s one thing the Rex Ryan Jets haven’t lacked, its bravado. But unfortunately, what they have lacked, is the talent to back up that bravado. Not Sheldon Richardson. No sir. Not Boss Hogg. Dude has all the talent in the world to back up his attitude. Playing alongside Mo Wilk he’s going to tear this league apart for the next 10 years and he knows it. Anyone whos watched him play knows it. Star Lotulelei is a fine player. So is Kiko Alonso. Boss Hogg is a game changer though. He’s stepped in his rookie year and changed this whole defense. He’s a huge, huge factor why Rex and company have gotten back to that “Pound” defense. Alongside Wilkerson its like he’s already that reliable veteran presence. Scary to think about how good he’ll be when he really knows what he’s doing.

100% Defensive Rookie of the Year. Book it.

PS – Does Sheldon Richardson have the tiniest forehead of all time? I mean look at it there. Theres only like 1 inch between his hair and his eyebrows.